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Partying with pink ribbons !

by Saga1 on 15/OCT/11 | Back to Saga1's Media

“My mesmer Saga San is dancing with excitement in the Pink Day in LA Pre-Party. Awesome fun, awesome community en splendid radio from GW-EN”

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Guild Wars (PC)

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Well isn't that all kinds of fun.
Love it!
Yh it was an awesome party ! Stayed up till like 7 am. Nice to see many players aware & supporting research against breast cancer. Really an awesome event.
...and a clown nose.
@LordXenophon LOL ! it is a reindeer-cap actually. I thinks its sooo kawai ^^
That, it is.
Did you enter this in the screenie contest? One of the best I've seen!
@LordXenophon It's a Rudi Cap
@TamaraLane oh my, thank you for the compliment!
I did post it on the gDNA Loves Ta-Ta's forum, but just because i wanted to share the love of the community.

I still get a warm tummy when i think about the event :)
Not enough pink, to much flesh coloured :P
That's backwards, Mishy.
He meant covered. Too much flesh covered.
Votes are looking good on this one in the forum.
@playforward i dont think its based on votes but by jury, besides i havent entered to win something but to show the <3 & support of the gaming community :)
ah, never mind my comment about the jury instead of votes.... just reread the rules.
I think you should win, this one looks like a real celebration! Which is what it should be I think, a party to raise awarness and funds for breast cancer research.
@TamaraLane awww, thats so sweet of you, thanks. The other screenshots are nice too though, did you check them out ? I like the twins alot :)
Yes, I like that one and the one with the ribbon. The Cat Warriors was cool too, but i think it was part of a tiled shot. I still like yours best =D
Yeah, I like all the entries and those who took the time to participate.. it's awesome.
I feel this one really captures a first-person view of the Pink Day in LA celebration and some of those who were involved.
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